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Iconage for all...

Icons For Harry Potter Forums
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Welcome to the HPForum_Icons Community. This is mainly to post icons for use other than on Live Journal and in particular the HPANA forums. Hopefully, over time, we will have sections for the various houses, students/teachers, 'ships, etc but for now any contributions are most welcome. Here are a few simple rules to follow in this community:


1) Absolutely no hot-linking! - this is the number one rule for a very good reason!! Hot-linking is using the URL of the image as posted here as the link for your icon/avatar. If you see an icon here that you would like to use sign up for an account at Photobucket or Walagata
to create your own URL. I will be writing a FAQ about this for those who are unclear about this at a later date so for now any questions don't hesitate to ask.

2) Comment - we know that credit isn't always that easy to give on forums for the icon you are using so all we ask is that you let the maker that you are taking one of their creations to use and if anyone asks who made it don't pass it off as your own!

3) You don't have to join - everyone can view the entries and comment but only members can post so I ask that you only join this community if you intend on making icons and sharing them here. Just so we can keep track of who posts icons and who is simply taking them.

4) Non-HP Icons - actor icons are certainly allowed as are non-HP icons as long as they are accompanied by at least three Harry Potter related icons. Also, if posting more than three please use a cut.

5) Enjoy!